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Our office is open year-round to address all of your tax issues, questions and needs. We can do the tax return process entirely virtual. Additionally: Free consultations, 80 years combined experience dealing with Status Indian Taxes

Status Indian
Tax-Emempt Analysis

The FIRST NATIONS TAX CENTRE has 40+ years specializing in Status Indian taxation and we are here to help employees and businesses determine how much of their income is tax-exempt.

We work within the CRA guideline to properly set up and minimize any income taxes payable.

For further information use our tax exempt analysis tool below to determine your tax exempt status.

Tax-Emempt Analysis Tool

Tax Returns

Tax preparation is our specialty.

We have made a major investment in a computerized setup, with the most up-to-date software which enables us to prepare accurate tax returns for status indian individuals and businesses.
Along with our 40+ years of experience in the industry, we work with you all for your benefit.

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